Grant of House Rent Allowance to Haryana Government Employees

Saturday, January 31, 2009 | comments

Haryana Govt. has announced HRA for their employees vide Finance Department's Letter No. 1046/2004-2FICW*, dated 27th January, 2009. Some time past the Haryana State Government, have had under their consideration the question of further revision in the rates of House Rent Allownance admissible to the eligible employees of Haryana Government. Now it has been decided that eligible employees of Haryana Government will be entitiled to get House Rent Allowance in the following manner with effect from 01.01.2009.

Copy of the orders are also given here. Download
As per above instructions , We have updated our calculator .

Pay Calculator (updated on 28 January 2009 With HRA)
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