Compare Two or More Years Data In Tally

To compare two years data in a single screen, Tally provide this facility in general.   To open two years or more years data in a single screen,  open your tally  Trial Balance/Profit and Loss Account/Balance Sheet , Now press Alt+C the following screen will be appeared.  You can enter dates for the period (From and To ) you want to open in a single company (as shown in below picture).

In above picture  From and To dates can be changed and new picture alongwith current data and data of  selected period after pressing Alt+C will be appeared in a single screen.  It is very much helpful while finalising the balance sheet.  The screen will be appeared as under

The above screen is showing two year data of a single company.

Two Separate Company and Separate Data   Comparision 
                                         Yes, it can be done,in case data is lying in two separate company and we want to compare for the same.  No problem, it can also be done. In gateway of tally, Open two or all companies which data is to be compared.   Keep in mind ,  before opening/comparing data, all company should be  open . It is already explained in earlier posts , how to open two companies at Gateway of Tally. 
                                             Open Trial Balance or Profit and Loss Account or Balance Sheet, then press button Alt+C.   In this case , first company name will be asked , you can change company name, as shown in below picture. 

  In this way two year data of separate companies can be compared easily.  In any case you feel any problem , you may ask question via e-mail at

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