Form 26AS (View Tax Credit Statement) New Registration Procedure via e-filling

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 | comments


              Now, everyone can watch his income tax deducted/self  deposited at any place in India Under his PAN (Permanent Account Number) in a single screen through Form 26AS. This facility is totally free through login for e-filling link.After login for-filling , there is link of "View Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS)"  under My Account as shown in below Picture.

Click on "View Tax Credit Statement",a confirmation screen will be displayed.  On confirmation, a form containing some options will be appeared which will be displayed as shown in below picture:-

             On pressing "Submit" button , your form 26AS ("View Tax Credit Statement") will be on your screen. In this way, you check check your all amount of Income Tax whether it is  deposited by you as self deposit or it was deducted and  deposited by any other person as TDS. Initially there was nominal charges through registration at NSDL Centre. After that it was provided through Net Banking. In net Banking , there was lot of problems, some users do not want to share his PAN numbers with the Bank. Now it is too much easy through simple login at for for e-filling.

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