Generate form 16a from fvu file

Saturday, July 17, 2010 | comments

                 Major corrections/updations have been done in form 16A generation programme.  The updated items are given as under:-

  • Now, there will be no need to  enter period for which forms are generating.  It will be captured automatically. 
  • Once enter Father's Name, It will be same every time until we do not change. 
  • CIT Address, CIT City, CIT Pin is user friendly.  Every field can be changed in the hand of  user. 
  • CIT Address will remain same until we do not change.  It is very much helpful for single user who can generate form 16A in each quarter without repeating CIT Address again and again. 
  • Assessment Year will also be captured automatically,  There is no need to check it. 
Step by Step Instructions are available here
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