Download e-tds RPU 1.7 RPU 1.8 AND RPU 2.128

Sunday, August 29, 2010 | comments

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                   In case you have not submitted your etds/etcs return for the period before 01.10.2009 and you are searching for creating the same.   This return can not be prepared with the latest RPU 2.128.  It requires RPU 1.7 for creating new fvu file.   In case any correction in etds/etcs return before 01.10.2009,  RPU 1.8 is required .  It means all RPU's  1.7, RPU 1.8 and Latest RPU 2.128 (for creating/rectification return on or after 01.10.2009)  are required to be stored for creating etds/etcs return.  Therefore download link of all RPU 's are given as under for your use. 

Download RPU 1.7  (for Creating New ETDS Return for the period before 01.10.2009)            

Download RPU 1.8  (for Creating Correction Statement of ETDS Retrun for the period before 01.10.09)                

Download RPU 2.1.28  (for Creating New/Correction  etds/etcs return  for the period on or after 01.10.09)
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