RPU (Return Preparation Utility for Financial Year 2007-08 or Assessment Year 2008-09


               In any case, you have not filed your Income Tax Return and in need of R.P.U. of the previous year or current year, can be downloaded from here.  This post don't relates to only for the F.Y. 2007-08, F.Y. 2008-09 but  RPU can also be downloaded for the Financial Year 2009-10 or Assessment Year 2010-11 (as link given in bottom of this post.)

Care regarding ITR-V

Download R.P.U.'s for Financial Year 2007-08, Assessment Year 2008-09

- ITR-1  R.P.U. Release r1m (Click Here
- ITR-2  R.P.U. Release r1o (Click Here) 
- ITR-3  R.P.U. Release r1n (Click Here
- ITR-4  R.P.U. Release r1o (Click Here) 
- ITR-5  R.P.U. Release r1m (Click Here
- ITR-6  R.P.U. Release r1g (Click Here
- ITR-8  R.P.U. Release r1e (Click Here

Click Here to Download RPU's relating to Financial Year 2009-10 Assessment Year 2010-11
Click Here to Download RPU's relating to Financial Year 2008-09 Assessment Year 2009-10

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