How to View "Extension of FVU"

Friday, November 19, 2010 | comments

Friends,    For creating form 16A, .fuv file play important role.  It is possible to generate form 16A directly from fvu.  The users who use NSDL software require a software which can generate form 16A from fvu.  

To know regarding software of Form 16A from Fvu (Click Here)

Fvu files having fvu extension like as Q1.fvu , Q2.fvu, Q3.fvu or Q4.fvu  are required to generate form 16A.  To view complete extension of any file, the following setting is required in computer.  Picture view is also given for more clarity.  It is recommended to rename any fvu  file as  Q1.fvu, Q2.fvu, Q3.fvu or Q4.fvu.  But due to extension problem  user change it as Q1.fvu.fvu  which is wrong. To avoid such type of problem set computer as per instructions given as under :-   

Instructions to view Extension of a file

  • Start
  • Control Panel
  • Tool
  • Folder option
  • View
  • Hide extensions for Known file types  (Set un-tick as shown in below picture)

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