Portfolios of Shares and Mutual Funds

Thursday, November 25, 2010 | comments

Friends,  The persons who deals in Shares or Mutual Funds can  create free portfolios at yahoo.com.  Not only one but also as per requirement many portfolios can be created.   There is a link of finance at yahoo.com as shown in below picture :-

Status of shares and mutual funds can be viewed at a glance after signup in portfolio.  There is no need to create new user id and password for portfolio,  Yahoo email id and password is sufficient for signing up at portfolios. Exact location of creating or editing the Portfolios at yahoo is given in below picture.  

Holding of Shares and Mutual funds can be added in portfolio at any time and deletion of any shares and Mutual Funds is also available in it.  Deletion is required are those shares or mutual funds which are sold by you or do not want in your portfolio in future. 

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