Remove Temporarily Line in Tally

Friday, January 21, 2011 | comments

Friends,   Did you know that you can remove temporarily any line in tally while viewing  ledger on screen.   You know that once deleted anything in tally can not re-called. But temporarily removed lines can be re-called.   First of all question is that what is command to remove a line temporary.   Answer is  Alt+R for remove and CTR+U for recall.   These command not only remove only line but also remove groups.   This type of command us helpful when user wants to view sum of  any ledger except a particular line on temporary basis.

In above picture total shows Rs. 12,75,250.00, if you  remove any particular line , place cursor on particular line and press ALT+R, total will be changed automatically.   
To undelete or recall the same line , Press CTR+U for recall.  

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