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Monday, March 14, 2011 | comments

Final date for payment of Advance Income Tax for all assessees (companies or non-companies) is 15th March.  To avoid interest on Income Tax all assessee should deposit advance tax in time.  Some times at the time of assessment or filling of Income Tax Return, assessee deposit income tax on account of interest  due to non-deposit of Advance Tax in time. 
e-Payment of income tax is easiest way to deposit income tax 

On making advance payment,  question arise that how much amount should be deposited as Advance Tax.  Due to this final installment of Advance tax,  total amount of Income Tax on estimated income of the current financial Year should be deposited upto 15th March. 

for Other than Companies (Individuals,Partnership,HUF and others)
  • 40% of Total Income Tax or Balance of Income Tax on estimated income. 
for  Companies 
  • 25% of Total Income Tax or Balance of Income Tax on estimated income.

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