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Thursday, April 21, 2011 | comments

         A software on exported data from Tallyerp9 has been created.  There is no cost of this software.  It is totally free.   This software is helpful to those who use tally and pass their entries bill by bill and adjust payments "Agst Ref".   Bill by bill detail is available but partywise total outstanding amount is not available in default tally.  Index can be done with the help of F12 while using sorting on Alphabetic by names.  
Display > Statement of Accounts > Outstanding > Receivable 
With the help of above path a screen will be displayed , to export the data, Press Alt+E and select Ascii Format and output file name C:\t.txt as shown in below picture. 

How to use Software
  • Download Software and unzip
  • Place in C:\debtor
  • Place exported file t.txt from tally in C drive as c:\t.txt
  • Run debtor.exe file available in c:\debtor\debtor.exe
  • Wordpad will open using t.txt file.  
  • Save file using "Save as Type " as text document and close wordpad.
  • Output data will be available in Wordpad automatically. 

Download Software (Click Here)
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