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Friday, May 6, 2011 | comments

If you are going to take any insurance plan, you may check plans of MetLife.  MetLife provides different types of insurance plans which are given as under :-

Child Plan
  • Met Bhavishya
  • Met Junior Endowment
  • Met Junior Money Back
  • Met Pension-Par
  • Met Sukh
  • Met Suvidha
  • Met Saral
  • Met 100
  • Met Suraksha
  • Met Suraksha TROP
  • Met Suraksha Plus
  • Met Mortage Protector Plus
  • Met vishwas
  • Met Suvidha-Rural
  • Met Grameen Ashray
  • Met Smart Platinum
  • Met Smart One
  • Met Easy Super
  • Met Health Care
Monthly Income 
  • Met Monthly Income Plan 7 Pay
  • Met Monthly Income Plan 15 Pay

The Plans can also be checked on pressing Product as shown in black circle in below picture :--

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