e-TDS Return, T-FV-3040 Invalid Date of 'Bank Challan No / Transfer Voucher No

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | comments

Problem in creation of e-tds/e-tcs reutn
  • Field Name = Date of 'Bank Challan No / Transfer Voucher No' 
  • Error Code and Description = T-FV-3040 Invalid Date of 'Bank Challan No / Transfer Voucher No
Solution of above Problem is given below 
  1. Friends if you are facing above problem,  then first of all check date of "Deposit of Challan " and then Check your System Date.  I have also faced this problem due to Old  System Date in my computer or Lower Date of my computer in comparison with Current Date.   System date can automatically changed due to battery failure available in CPU.  
  2. In this way, I feel there are only two solution to remove above error in creation of e-tds/e-tds return. First      > Check Date of Deposit of Challan
    Second > Check Date and Time of your System/Computer.
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