e-TDS Return -Submit TDS/TCS return in time.

Friends,  15th October, 2011 is very much near.   If you have not submitted your Tds/Tcs return for the second quarter till date, submit your return in time and avoid from penalty of Rs. 100/- per day after due date.   NSDL provides free Tds/Tcs Return software.  Latest software for preparation return is available here (click Here).  Some time back there were two utilities for preparing Tds/Tcs Regular or Correction returns, but now a single utility prepare Regular or Correction statement.   Correction return can only be submitted only through consolidated Fvu file.   Consolidated fvu file can be collected after Tan Registration at tin-nsdl.com.    On tin-nsdl.com,  form 16A software is also available which can be downloaded and can be generated form 16A from .txt file.    All etds/tcs process is simple and easy.   I once again request to submit your Tds/Tcs return in time. 

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