etds-Form No 16 with Part-B from FVU

Friends,  NSDL has announced and published Form No 16 generation system.  It is only possible just after TAN registration.   FORM NO. 16 required the  following basic points.

  1. PART A
  2. Summary of Tax Deducted at source (Quarterly basis)
  3. PART B
  4. Annexure-A
  5. Annexure-B

Generation of FORM NO. 16 through NSDL does not print PART-B of the FORM.    In case a deductor generate form no 16 through NDSL, he gets only PART-A, summary of tax deducted at source, annexure-A and Annexure- B.

To know Registration of TAN or Re-registration of  TAN (Click Here)

Read here to generate complete FORM No. 16 from FVU (Click Here)

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