Excise & Service Tax Return : How can I e-file the return on-line?

Saturday, November 17, 2012 | comments

After logging into the ACES system, click on the ?RET? module displayed in the menu item at home page. Select ?File return? option. Sub-menu for different types of returns namely, ?ER-1?, ?ER-2?, ?ER-3?, ?ER-4?, ?ER-5?, ?ER-6?,?Dealer return? OR ST-3 will be displayed. Select the required option. Navigation path is 
Login as Assessee --> RET --> File Returns --> ER-1 
Login as Assessee --> RET --> Fill ST-3 --> Fill 
After filling all the details, in the last page click on ?SAVE? button. A ?confirmation view? screen will display the return in its entirety. Verify for the correctness of details entered. Once it is confirmed that the entered details are in order, click on ?SUBMIT? button.
If any modification is required, click on ?MODIFY? button. The first entry screen will be displayed. Modification can be carried out in all fields. If it is desired that the details are to be entered afresh click on ?CANCEL?button. 
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