e-TDS :- Password to open NSDL Consolidated File


               Today, I have downloaded e-tds NSDL consolidated file from www.tdscpc.gov.in.   No doubt that it is new website.  Earlier this type of working was being done through www.tin-nsdl.com.   It was my first experience with the downloaded consolidated file.   This file was password protected.  Initially, I had placed password  containing 15 digits of token number of the original receipt for the respective return as was done earlier.   But fail to extract the zip file.   I thought that zip or rar version of my computer is not correct.   Therefore  I had downloaded latest versions of winzip or winrar and try to download. But again fail to extract the zip file.   Then I thought that  there may be chance that the said zip file will be extracted through TAN registration number. But no.  This decision was also wrong. 

                 In last I had drawn our attention on the helps given at tdscpc.gov.in and found that nsdl conso. file will be extracted with the help of   password  as TAN_request number.    For Example if your TAN number is  MUMR03066R  and request number is  1083 (available under download link at tdscpc.gov.in), your password will be as given below :- 

 password    =   MUMR03066R_1083

                On placing password on the above basis, i got relax and was able to submit correction e-TDS return.  

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