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                              What are the details that I need to enter in the registration form?
For Deductors
o    TAN of Deductor
o    Token Number of any accepted Regular statement filed by you on or after April 1, 2010 or of any accepted Correction statement filed by you from April 1, 2010 to October 15, 2012
o    Token Number of the regular statement corresponding to the Financial Year, Quarter and Form Type displayed on screen
o    Challan details of one particular CIN which has been mapped to at least three deductee rows. If there is no such challan, please enter details of challan having maximum number of deductee rows
o    PAN of Deductor
o    PAN of Authorised Person (person responsible for deduction of tax at source)
o    Date of Birth of Responsible Person as in PAN database
o    Designation of Responsible Person
o    Communication Address
o    Mobile Number
o    Email Id
For Tax Payers
o    PAN of Tax Payer
o    Date of Birth as on PAN Card
o    Name as in PAN database
o    Option 1 – Details from Form 26AS or salary slip (in case of salaried persons). Provide TAN of deductor who has deducted TDS / TCS, month & year of deduction and amount of tax deducted
o       Option 2 – Details of any tax paid by you. Provide Assessment Year for which payment was made by you, Challan Serial Number of the challan using which payment was made and amount as per the challan
o    Communication Address
o    Mobile Number
o    Email Id

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