Income Tax :- Electronic Signature for e-Filing of Income Tax Return

Monday, December 10, 2012 | comments


        Income  Tax  Department  proposes  to  introduce  Electronic  Signature  for  e-Filing  of Income Tax Returns in addition to existing Digital Signature Certificate / ITR V. The e-signature shall be based on the validation of the taxpayer on the basis of the data available with the Income Tax department such as bank A/c number, CPC intimation number, valid TAN and the personal details of the taxpayer. This e-signature proposed to be given to the existing e-filers (will not be available to first time  e-filers)  in  select  categories  of  ITRs  such  as  ITR  1,  ITR  2  and  ITR  4S.  Your response/suggestion/comment  on  introduction  of  e-signature  is  sought  in  the  email  of
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