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e-TDS :- Features of new File Validation Utility (FVU) version 3.7

Key features of File Validation Utility (FVU) version 3.7
  • Section 80CCG: Section 80CCG has been incorporated for Form no. 24Q  Q4. Section code 80CCG is applicable for FY 2012-13 onwards. 

  • Section 80CCF: Quoting deduction under section 80CCF has been restricted to FY 2010-11 and 2011-12.

  • Relaxation of PAN validation: PAN compliance validation of 85% pertaining to deductees of section code 206CK (Form no. 27EQ) has been relaxed.

  • Applicability: FVU version 3.7 is applicable for quarterly TDS/TCS statements pertaining to FY 2010-11 onwards

  • FVU version 3.7 will be mandatory w.e.f May 26, 2013. Upto May 25, 2013 FVU version 3.6 and FVU version 3.7 will be applicable.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

e-TDS :- Latest RPU 3.3 with new FVU 3.7

Friends,  NSDL has provided new TDS RPU 3.3  for submitting TDS return.  This RPU has been updated due to control of Data entry by users.   Now users can not claim  deduction of Infrastructural Bond under section 80CCF in the Financial Year  2012-13 as it has been removed w.e.f. 01.04.2012.  Main key features of the New RPU is given below :- 

Key features of NSDL Return Preparation Utility (RPU) version 3.3

  • Section 80CCG: Section 80CCG has been incorporated for Form no. 24Q  Q4.  Section code 80CCG is applicable for FY 2012-13 onwards. 

  • Section 80CCF: Quoting deduction under section 80CCF has been restricted to FY 2010-11 and 2011-12. 

  • Relaxation of PAN validation: PAN compliance validation of 85% pertaining to deductees of section code 206CK (Form no. 27EQ) has been relaxed.

  • Latest FVU version 3.7 (applicable for quarterly TDS/TCS statements pertaining to FY 2010-11 onwards) has been incorporated.

Download New RPU 3.3 (click here)

Generation of .fvu file

FVU is inbuilt in this RPU. After preparation of statement (data is filled in all sheets) click on 'create file' and provide path as below.

1. Challan Input File (Optional)
  • Specify the name (with the .csi extension) of the input file (including the path) i.e. the name of the challan file downloaded from Challan Status Inquiry for the verification of challan in TDS/TCS statement.
  • Length of input filename should not be more than 25 characters (including the .csi extension) and should not contain any special characters eg. : , \ / etc.,.For example Filename can be MUMM11111A040909.csi.

2. Output Files (Mandatory)
Select location with the browse button to save the output files. Following files will be created if File is correct: 

.fvu file (fvu file should be copied on a CD/floppy)
  • .txt file
  • FVU -TDS statement statistics report (to be used in preparing Form 27A)
  • TDS/TCS-PAN statistics (created if PAN of the deductee is PANNOTAVBL, PANAPPLIED, PANINVALID)
  • e-TDS/TCS statement warning file, created if –
    1. Bank branch code not present in the list of authorized bank branches OR
    2. Same PAN in deductor and deductee PAN field OR
    3. Challan details of the statement do not match with the details uploaded by the bank (if .challan detail file is imported)
File is incorrect:
  • .txt file
  • Error file (both in .txt and html)

FDR Interest Calculator on Maturity/Pre-matured/Re-Invest

Friends,  Nowadays, Interest rates on Bank Deposit/FDR are being changing time to time.  As an investor it is great problem to deposit his money in Bank etc.  As and when he Deposit money for a particular period i.e. 1 year, 2 year or 5 year etc.   Bank change interest rate in few days or increased interest rate.  In such position investor pre-matured his deposit for getting better interest on his money.   A great problem arised that  Pre-maturity  and invest on new Deposit Rate is better or not. 

                 Keeping in view this problem, a interest calculator has been prepared which calculates interest on
maturity and Pre-matured amount on particular Date and the investment in new rates of Pre-matured amount. 

Requirement of Software:-
                    Microsoft Office Excel-2007 or greater is required for running this software.

How to Install :-
                   Simply download zip file and run.  

How to use :-
  • Enter base data in only White cell.
  • Enter Rate of Interest, date of Investment and Date of Maturity.
  • By default, current date is equal to Pre-Mature Date. 
  • Date of pre-maturity is editable or changeable.
  • Reduction of Interest Rate depends upon different banks either 1% or 2% or 0%.
  • New FDR Interest Rate can be entered. 
  • Finally, it can be watched that  is there  any Benefit or Loss due to change in Interest rate. 
Tenure for Getting download link after making request :-
        Assured  time is 2  working days but expected at the earliest on confirmation of registered member.
                             Excel Based FDR Interest Calculator workable in Office 2007 or further 

Free Download link will be provided through email to  only registered email at  Request can be done at email at
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Monday, April 22, 2013

New Circular regarding issuance of TDS Form 16

CIRCULAR NO. 04/2013
F.No 275/34/2011-IT(B) 
Government of India 
Ministry of Finance 
Department of Revenue 
Central Board of Direct Taxes 
New Delhi, the 17th April, 2013 

Sub: Issuance of certificate for tax deducted at source in Form No. 16 in accordance with  the provisions of section 203 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 read with the Rule 31 of the  Income-tax Rules 1962 -- regarding 

1. Section 203 of the Income-tax Act 1961 (“the Act”) read with the Rule 31 of the Income-tax Rules 1962 (“the Rules”) stipulates furnishing of certificate of tax deduction at source (TDS) by  the deductor to the deductee specifying therein the prescribed particulars such as amount of TDS,  valid permanent account number (PAN) of the deductee, tax deduction and collection  account number (TAN) of the deductor, etc. The relevant form for such TDS certificate is Form  No. 16 in case of deduction under section 192 and Form No. 16A for deduction under any other  provision of Chapter XVII-B of the Act. TDS certificate in Form No. 16 is to be issued  annually whereas TDS certificate in Form No. 16A is to be issued quarterly. TDS  Certificate in Form No 16 as notified vide Notification No. 11/2013 dated 19.02.2013 has  two parts viz Part A and Part B (Annexure). Part A contains details of tax deduction and  deposit and Part B (Annexure) contains details of income. 

2. With a view to streamline the TDS procedures, including proper administration of the Act,  the Board had issued Circular No. 03/2011 dated 13.05.2011 and Circular No. 01/2012 dated  09.04.2012 making it mandatory for all deductors to issue TDS certificate in Form No. 16A after  generating and downloading the same from “TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction  Enabling System” or (Error! Hyperlink reference not valid., previously called TIN website. In exercise of powers under section 119 of the Act, the Board has  now decided as  following:- 

All deductors (including Government deductors who deposit TDS in the Central Government  Account through book entry) shall issue the Part A of Form No. 16, by generating and  subsequently downloading through TRACES Portal, in respect of all sums deducted on or after  the 1st day of April, 2012 under the provisions of section 192 of Chapter XVII-B. Part A of  Form No 16 shall have a unique TDS certificate number. 

The deductor, issuing the Part A of Form No. 16 by downloading it from the TRACES  Portal, shall, before issuing to the deductee authenticate the correctness of contents mentioned therein and verify the same either by using manual signature or by using digital  signature in accordance with sub-rule (6) of Rule 31. 

2.3 In other words, Part A of Form No. 16 shall be issued by all the deductors, only by  generating it through TRACES Portal and after duly authenticating and verifying it. 

2.4 ‘Part B (Annexure)’ of Form No. 16 shall be prepared by the deductor manually and  issued to the deductee after due authentication and verification alongwith the Part A of the Form  No. 16 stated above. 

2.5 Sub rule (3) of rule 31of the Rules sets the time limit for issuance of Form 16 by the  deductor to the employee. Currently, Form 16 should be issued by 31st May of the financial Year  immediately following the financial year in which income was paid and tax deducted. 

3.1 The Director General of Income-tax (Systems) shall specify the procedure, formats and  standards for the purpose of download of Part A of Form No. 16 from the TRACES Portal and  shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration in relation to the procedure, formats and  standards for download of Part A of Form No. 16 in electronic form.  

3.2 It is further clarified that Part A of Form No. 16 issued by the deductors in accordance with  this circular and as per the procedure, formats and standards specified by the Director General of  Income-tax (Systems) and containing Unique Identification Number shall only be treated as a  valid compliance to the issue of Part A of Form No. 16 for the purpose of section 203 of the Act  read with rule 31 of the Rules. 

4. Hindi version shall follow. 
(Anshu Prakash) 
Director (Budget) 
Central Board of Direct Taxes 
     Copy to: 
  1. The Chairperson, Members and all other officers of the CBDT of the rank of Under  Secretary and above 
  2. All Chief Commissioners of Income-tax (CCA) & All Directors General of Income-tax 
  3. The Director (PR, PP & OL), Mayur Bhawan, New Delhi for printing in the quarterly tax  bulletin and for circulation as per usual mailing list (100 copies) 
  4. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (40 copies) 
  5. All Directors of Income Tax, New Delhi; 
  6. All CsIT (TDS) 
  7. The Director General of Income-tax, NADT, Nagpur 
  8. Guard file 

(Anshu Prakash) 
Director (Budget) 
Central Board of Direct Taxes

Form  16 from NSDL RPU 3.2 directly (Click Here)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

e-TDS :- Form 27A from FVU/TXT File

Friends,   The persons who use NSDL RPU for preparation of etds/etcs return require generation of Form 27A from FVU/TXT file.  Form 27A is a physical form which is to be submitted each and every Regular/Correction etds/etcs return. Software providers have created many softwares regarding submission of e-tds/e-tcs returns, they are using auto generation of Form 27A facility,16, 16A etc.  But the user of NSDL RPU has no such facility to generate Form 27A etc.   

Previous History
   As our past experience, Form 16 and 16A generation software is already ready which prepare forms 16 and 16A from txt file  directly with in minutes.  This software saves time and generate easily forms from TXT files.  Presently, Form 16A is also being providing by NSDL alongwith Form 16.  But form 27A through NSDL RPU is still awaited.

To read more regarding 16 and 16A generation from Fvu (Click Here)

Form 27A from Txt/NSDL RPU
Latest development is that form 27A generation is possible from TXT file generated by NSDL RPU.  All procedure of installation of software and it's running is similar to the software of form 16 and 16A generation. 

a) Procedure to run Software

  • Just place Txt file named Q1.fvu or Q2.fvu or Q3.fvu or Q4.fvu in folder \e-tds\fvu\
  • Click on 27A.exe file available in \e-tds\27A.exe
  • File 27A.prt will be available in in folder \e-tds\output\27A.prt
  • File 27A.prt can be opened in Microsoft word and printing is possible in  Dot/Laser Printer.
b) Cost of Software 
  • Free of cost.  Yes, form 27A generation from any txt file  is free utility.
c) Availability of Software

  • Presently,  it is available on request basic.  Request will be accepted through email at and delivery will be available with in one or two days. 
Download Software (Only registered readers can sign up and get Free Software) (click here)  
Form 27A in word format (Click Here

Form 27A in Excel Format (Click Here)
 d) Procedure to Become a registered reader 
  • email request to
  • Acceptation email will be received by you via Feedburner link  from  website (Availability of this email may be in your junk mails/spam mails.).

Thursday, April 18, 2013

e-TDS :- Auto generation of Form 16 and 16A from .txt file

Earlier Form 16 generation utility  was created on .fvu based which contains normal data.  But now fvu file  contains encrypted data which can not be read by any other programme.  Therefore to make it familiar in  future.  This utility has been updated on the basis of .txt file.   It means now this utility is compatible with .txt file generated by  latest RPU 3.2 version. 

Form 16 AND 16a are TDS Certificate or an Evidence of Tax Deduction at Souce

Easy working in Windows XP/98

Demo Copy updated on 18-April-2013

Now, No requirement of Microsoft Office Excel
Any other data base programme.
No Macro Problem/Any other Warning

Utility of This Software
  • Easy generation of Form 16 and 16A.
  • No special  time is required is  in  generation of Form 16 and Form 16A
  • Accuracy of forms depends upon data available in TXT file. 
  • There are options to change in Pan Numbers when e-tds/e-tcs return submitted having PAN  showing  PANNOTAVBL or PANAPPLIED.
  • In case two or more deductees showing  PANNOTAVBL or PANAPPLIED.  User is required to change PAN numbers  as unique Pan Number.  Software generates Forms on the basis of Pan Numbers.
  • During process of programme  use Control+W key  next/new screen.
Procedure of Installation:-

  • First of all , Place zip file in  C:\ drive  and extract. 
  • After that place txt files in fvu folder  = \e-tds\fvu\. 
  • Name of  txt files should be Q1.fvu, Q2.fvu,Q3.fvu, Q4.fvu. (keep in mind that Q1.txt.fvu will not be accepted.)
    (To View complete extension code  follow the steps given as under : -
    Start > Control Panel > Tools > Folder Option > View > un-tick "Hide extension for known file types"

Picture View for easy installation :-

     1) Zip File will be sent through email

2) exe file after extract of above zip file.   It is your software.

For Installation of software in your computer:-

On clicking above exe file, This picture will be appeared  on your screen and Destination folder should be c:\ as shown in picture.

3) Software will be displayed as c:\e-tds  shown in picture.

After clicking the 16.exe or 16a.exe file , The following screen will be displayed at your monitor.

Have You placed New Fvu files ="Y"
If option is "Y" then the following picture will display at your monitor otherwise 16a forms will be created with old data/old fvu files.

Do strictly as per given in pictures.


Click Save As Button as shown in Picture Number -1

Picture 2  (File Name should be appeared as Total.txt not only Total)

(File Name should be Total.txt
Don't leave only file Name = Total )
Now Change Save as type =Text Document-MS DOS Format as Picture-2


Now Click on Exit from the Word Pad as shown In Picture -3

At present your programme may be minimized, Click on minimized e-tds or press CTR+enter to restore your programme.

Now a screen will be displayed having list of Pan Numbers = Pannotavbl, you can correct these numbers otherwise all pannotavbl will be grouped and will print a single form 16 or 16a for all PANNOTAVBL Data.

After that you can save this with pressing CTRL+W or CTRL+end.
Now a next screen will be displayed for Tan Holder Data available in TXT file. If there are some corrections (Tan,Pan,Address,Name of Deductor,Designation, Place and date of Issue of form) , you can change it Here.
Now your forms are ready in output folder as Disp.prt file 

Setting of Printing of Forms

  • Direct Printing is available in Dot Matric Printer.
  • Forms will be available Microsoft  word programme.
  • Laser/inket printing is also available after minor setting i.e.  open Micro Soft Word and select the  file disp.prt available in folder  \e-tds\output\disp.prt and set margin as below
  • 27A form can also be generated of the fvu file or fvu generated by NSDL Software.
Top= 0 , Right = 0 and Bottom =0 and save

Delivery of Software :- 
          Software will be provided  through email  with in 2 working days after confirmation of payment.

          Through email at or

Other Facility  

  • Excel based form 16 and 16a are free of cost.
  • Form 27A creation software from txt  is free.
  • List of CIT Addresses is also available in e-tds.
Mode of Payments :-

  • Rs.1000/- (Cheque or Transfer or E-payment) for one Tan.
  • Rs.1050/- (Cash Deposit including  Bank Charges) for one Tan.

Payment Terms :- Advance 
  • Bank         =State bank of india
  • Branch      = MDU Branch
  • City        =Rohtak 
  • Pin Code = 124001
  • BSR Code =  0004734 
  • IFSC Code: SBIN0004734 
  • Bank Account Number :- (will be provided on Phone 09896124627), City = Rohtak.

(Demo copy will create only one form of form 16 and 16a)
Demo Copy updated on 18.04.2013
Along with New Format of  Form 16 and 16A which is applicable w.e.f. 01.04.2010

Click here to know regarding etds return

New Form 16 and 16A in Excel Format (click here) Applicable w.e.f. 01.04.2010

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Service Tax :- Circular on Tax on Service of erection of Pandal or Shamiana

Friends        As per service tax scope is increasing day by day and there are some doubts in pubic on implementation of service tax.   Service Tax department has clarified on tax levy on service provided by way of erection of pandal or shamiana through Circular No. 168/3/2013- ST dated 15.04.2013.

Circular No.  168/3 /2013 - ST
F. No. 356/2/2013-TRU
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise and Customs
Tax Research Unit
North Block,
 New Delhi, 15th April, 2013

Chief Commissioners of Central Excise and Customs (All),
Director General (Service Tax), Director General(Systems), Director General (Central Excise Intelligence),  Director General (Audit),
Commissioners of Service Tax (All), Commissioners of Central Excise (All), Commissioners of Central Excise and Customs (All)


Subject:  Tax on service provided by way of erection of pandal or shamiana - regarding.

            Several representations have been received seeking clarification on the levy of service tax on the activity of preparation of place for organizing event or function by way of erection/laying of pandal and shamiana. The doubt that has been raised is that this may be a transaction involving “transfer of right to use goods” and hence deemed sale.

2.         The issue has been examined. “Service” defined in section 65B (44) of the Finance Act, 1994, includes a ‘declared service’.  Activity by way of erection of pandal or shamiana is a declared service, under section 66E 8(f). The process of erection of Pandal or shamiana is a reasonably specialized job and is carried out by the supplier with the help of his own labour. In addition to the erection of pandal or shamiana the service is generally coupled with other services like supply of crockery, furniture, sound system, lighting arrangements, etc.

3.         For a transaction to be regarded as “transfer of right to use goods”, the transfer has to be coupled with possession. Andhra Pradesh High Court in the case of Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. Vs. CTO [1990 77 STC 182] held that since the effective control and possession was with the supplier, there is no transfer of right to use. This decision of the Andhra Pradesh High Court was upheld by the Supreme Court subsequently [2002] 126 STC 0114. In the matter of Harbans Lal vs. State of Haryana – [1993] 088 STC 0357 [Punjab and Haryana High Court], a view was taken that if pandalis given to the customers for use only after having been erected,  then it is not transfer of right to use goods.

4.         In the case of BSNL Vs. UOI [2006] 3 STT 245 Hon’ble Supreme Court held that  to constitute the transaction for the transfer of the right to use the goods, the transaction must have the following attributes:-

a.     There must be goods available for delivery;
b.    There must be a consensus ad idem as to the identity of the goods;
c.     The transferee should have a legal right to use the goods and, consequently, all legal consequences of such use including any permissions or licenses required therefor should be available to the transferee;
d.    For the period during which the transferee has such legal right, it has to be the exclusion of the transferor : this is the  necessary concomitant or the plain language of the statute, viz., a  “transfer of the right to use” and not merely a license to use the goods:
e.     Having transferred the right to use the goods during the period for which it is to be transferred, the owner cannot again transfer the same right to others.

5.         Applying the ratio of above judgments and the test formulated by Hon’ble Supreme Court, the activity of providing pandal and shamiana along with erection thereof and other incidental activities do not amount to transfer of right to use goods. It is a service of preparation of a place to hold a function or event. Effective possession and control over the pandal or shamiana remains with the service provider, even after the erection is complete and the specially made–up space for temporary use handed over to the customer.

6.         Accordingly services provided by way of erection of pandal or shamiana would attract the levy of service tax.

7.         Trade Notice/Public Notice may be issued to the field formations and tax payers. Please acknowledge receipt of this Circular. Hindi version follows.

(S. Jayaprahasam)
Technical Officer, TRU
Tel: 011-2309 2037

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

e-TDS :- Due Date for deposit TDS/Return Submission/Issuance of FORM 16 or 16A

Friends,  Due date in TDS is important in Last Quarter.   Generally it is confusion what is due date for Depositing TDS of the Last Quarter of the Financial Year or what is date of TDS Return submission Date and what is date of issuance of Form No. 16 or Form No. 16A. 

            Income Tax Department has cleared these issues vide their Notification dated  31-05-2010.   Earlier  there was issue that if payment has been done or  expenses has booked in the last date of Financial Year  the date of deposit of TDS will be 30th April otherwise date of deposit was 7th April.   But now there is no confusion.   Now it is simple that the Tds deducted in the month March can  be deposited upto 30th April.  

           As a deductor , there are two categories.   One is Government and second is Non-Government.  Time limits for the both are differ.  

What is date of Deposit of TDS ?        (Click Here to know)

What is date of Submission of TDS Return ? (Click Here to know)

What is date of Issuance of Form No. 16 or 16A ?   (Click Here to know)

However to know complete details regarding Due Dates click here to download the notification dated 31.05.2010 which should be read by every deductor. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Due Dates

Important Due Dates on particular points are given as under :-



(Feel Free to write us via email at to  add more important  links regarding due dates)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

e-TDS :-Latest RPU 3.2 with FVU releases 3.6 or 2.133

Friends,  TDS RPU is being updated day by day.  Now Latest RPU version is 3.2 after using 3.1.  This TDS RPU version 3.2 included FVU version 3.6 for preparing TDS/TCS returns/statements for the financial year 2010-11 and onwards and version 2.133 for preparing TDS/TCS returns/statements upto financial year 2009-10.

Download free TDS/TCS RPU 3.2 (click here)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Income Tax :- Latest Form No 15G or Form No. 15H or Form No. 15H-format-2

Friends,  Form 15G and Form 15H are important forms for non-deduction of TDS on income.   In case you have any interest income from any financial institutions or others, you may submit Form 15G or Form 15H as required with some conditions mentioned in notes in the forms.   Mainly an assessee who have income more than threshold limit can not submit these forms.  Income Tax Department has released new format of Form 15G, Form 15H or Form 15H-format -2 vide Notification No. 11/2013 [F.NO.142/31/2012-SO(TPL)]/SO 410(E) Dated 19.02.13 which is applicable w.e.f. financial year 2012-13 or assessment year 2013-14.

FORM NO. 15G is generally used as declaration under section 197A(1) and section 197A(1A) of the Income Tax Act,1961 by an individual or a person (not being a company or firm claiming certain receipts without deduction of tax.

FORM NO. 15H is used as declaration under section 197A(1C) of  the Income Tax Act,1961 by an individual who is of the age of sixty years or more claiming certain receipts without deduction of tax. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to replace Blank fields with Zero in Excel

Friends,   Many times we feel that zero is required in blank field in excel.   Blank fields are not accepted in software like as  while creating Tds return with NSDL software, if there is any blank field, software shows error.  In such case you have only two options, one is manual and second is with command.  Till today I was also using manual option, today I feel why it should not be done through command which will be simple and accurate.

Command = Select Area (as shown in First picture) > Press "Control+F"  and select "Replace" as shown in Second picture > use Replace All. 

In this way replacement of Blank fields with Zero is too much simple. 

Note :-  In complete blank sheet, above command will not work.  Some digit like Last cell in the selected area should be typed before applying this command.  

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