Tally :-CTR+C, CTR+V in Tally

Friends,   There are many shortcut keys in tally which are also available in Help menu of Tally.  Some keys   out of shortcut keys users use in general.  But some keys feel that they are extra.    Recently i have come to know that we can use CTR+C or CTR+V command in tally which are not available in help menu of Tally.   No doubt that these keys (CTR+C or CTR+V) are window based, but the same key with the help of ALT can be used in Tally.  I mean to say that  data available in EXCEL/other field can be copied in Tally with using CTR+ALT+V.   Example for the same is given below :-

Window’s command
Tally’s command

The above commands can be used vice-versa from tally to excel or excel to tally. 

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