Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Income Tax :- e-filing Questions & Answers (FAQ's)

Friends, No doubt , there are too many questions regarding submission of e-filing of Income Tax Return. Before submission of e-Return, it is assumed that it is a typical job for a normal person and the same can be done only by a professional or expert. But in fact it is so simple and easy which can be done without having special knowledge. I mean to say that mechanism controls lot of things or in case there is any error in data feeding or in submission, alerts are available in utility. However keeping in view all such things some general questions along with their answers are given below :-

Questions along with Answers

1. I don't understand the process of e-Filing. What should I do?

Answer: To understand the procedure to e-File Income Tax Returns, GO TO 'e-File' on the
home page of the ITD e-filing web site OR GO TO 'Help' → 'How to e-File' on the homepage.

2. What is the Return Preparation Software?

Answer: The ITD e-filing website has provided User Friendly utilities in Excel format for free  download. These may be used by the individuals or organizations to file their returns  electronically. These utilities are called the 'Return Preparation Software'. The input to the  "Return Preparation Software" will be the actual data that taxpayer need to fill while preparing  return of income.

3. Is it mandatory to register on e-Filing application to e-File my Income Tax Return?

Answer: Yes.

4. Is it necessary that I use the Excel Utility created by Income tax Department? Can I use some
other utility?

Answer: Yes. The e-Return Preparation Software provided at the ITD e-filing website are free for anyone to use in order to create the e-return XML file. End users are also free to use any other utility created by other software providers, as long as the XML output conforms to the XML Schema which has been posted at the e-Filing website.

5. What are the system requirements to download and use the Excel Utility?

Answer: The minimum system requirements needed to download and use the Return  Preparation Software are: PC with 128 MB RAM, P-III processor, MS Excel, Internet  connection, Internet Browser, at least 25 MB free hard disk space,, Adobe Acrobat Reader,  and Windows Operating system (Win 2000 or higher version), Java Run-time Environment  Version 1.6 (Beta) or above for using DSC.

6. What is XML?

Answer: XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a general purpose markup  language designed especially for Web documents. XML is a way of describing data and it  allows designers to create their own customized tags, enabling the definition, transmission,  validation, and interpretation of data between applications and between organizations. Any  Excel Utility which creates an e-return XML will be a file with an extension .xml. This is the file  that must be uploaded to the ITD e-filing website.

7. What is a Schema?

Answer: A schema refers to the collection of database objects associated with a  particular  database. Any user who files e-return will have to create an XML file based on the schema. A  simple analogy would be that the schema represents a letter template where the user enters  the addressee details, name, salutation, body text etc which then completes the document  which is the equivalent of an XML file. The template ensures uniformity and standardization of  the format of the letter in the same way that the schema provides a structure to the XML file. On uploading the file on to the system, a unique database object is created in the Income tax  Department system. If you are using the services of the Utilities available at the e- Filing  website, or any other Utility capable of generating an e-return XML for these forms, you need  not download the schema or be worried about it. The Schema is made available to those  individuals, software companies and organizations who wish to use this code to help create  their own software utility for filling up these forms.

8. 'Validate', 'Calculate Tax', 'Generate' buttons are not working in Return Preparation software provided by the Department.

Answer: Macros should be enabled in the Return Preparation Software. Below are the steps  to enable Macros: 1. For Excel 2003 users: Click on TOOLS menu and select → OPTIONS →  SECURITY → Macro Security must be set to Medium or Low. 2. For Excel 2007 and Excel  2010 users: Click on the OFFICE button on the top left corner of the application and click EXCEL OPTIONS → TRUST CENTER → Trust Center Settings   button → Select Macro  Settings and click on radio button "Enable All Macros".

9. While making data entry in some fields in the utility provided by the Department, the error  message appears: "Password protected".

Answer: The field gives the error message 'Password Protected' in case when the person  using the utility tries to enter the value in the field which is auto-calculated or the field which is  auto populated from the other schedules.

10. While uploading the Income Tax Return, I am getting an error "The XML Schema is invalid.  Please upload the XML in the correct schema". What does this error mean?

Answer: This error occurs when you might have tampered with the XML generated from the Return Preparation Software (Excel utility). Ensure that you upload the XML as it is generated from the Return Preparation Software. Also, ensure that you have downloaded and generated the XML from the 'Return Preparation Software' of the relevant Assessment Year and relevant Form type. The same Assessment Year and Form type must be selected while uploading the Income Tax Return Form.

11. What to do when there is an Error in uploading the XML?

Answer: The nature of problem will be highlighted. Rectify the error and try uploading the  XML again.

12. What is to be done if taxpayer gets NULL error, while uploading the XML file?

Answer: This particular problem happens when -- special characters like & < > # are entered in Income Tax Return -- there is slow internet connection or network congestion, as the XML file is not read completely and henceforth it throws exception stating to upload proper XML. Trying after sometime may resolve this problem. Kindly follow the following steps: Set the  Internet Explorer settings to Low. Go to Control Panel → Java → General → Settings and  uncheck the 'Keep Temporary Files on my computer'. Click the 'Delete Files' button and click  OK. Close your existing browser and open a new browser and upload your xml file again. If  the problem persists, kindly contact the call center at 080-22546500.

13. I have saved the XML file in my computer but while uploading system is giving the error  "Cannot read the xml file" What should I do?

Answer: Kindly set the Internet Explorer Security Settings to Low as per following steps :
a)  In case of windows professional/vista, then Go to Control Panel → Java → General →  Settings Kindly uncheck the 'Keep Temporary Files on my computer' and click the 'Delete  Files' button and press OK. Close your existing browser and open a new browser.
b) In case  of Windows XP, then Go to Control Panel → Other Control Panel Options → Java → General  → Settings Kindly uncheck the 'Keep Temporary Files on my computer " and click the 'Delete  Files' button and press OK Close your existing browser and open a new browser.

14. Where do I save the downloaded Excel utility? Can I delete them later?

Answer: You can download the Excel utility on to your local computer/system. Once you fill the Excel utility and upload the XML file on the web-site, an Acknowledgment of the  submission is generated. After receiving this intimation, the file can be saved. It is  recommended that the XML file be retained for your records. The e-Filed XML file is also  available post LOGIN in 'My Account' → 'My Returns/Forms'.

15. Can a Chartered Accountant (CA) file Income Tax Return on behalf of the Company?

Answer: No. The person authorized by the company to file the Income Tax Return, can eFile the Income Tax Return of the company.

16. Can a Chartered Accountant (CA) file Income Tax Forms like Audit Forms on behalf of the

Answer: Yes.

17. How can a Chartered Accountant (CA) file Income Tax Forms for a tax payer?

o Visit ITD e-filing website https:\\
o GO TO 'Downloads' section and select applicable Income Tax Form of the desired
Assessment Year OR Login to e-Filing application and GO TO
'Downloads'→'Download Forms' and select applicable Income Tax Form of the
desired Assessment Year.
o Download the excel utility of the Income Tax Form.
o Fill the excel utility and Validate.
o Generate an XML file and save in desired path/destination in your desktop/system.
o LOGIN to e-Filing application and GO TO → e-File → Upload Form.
o Select the Income Tax Form and the Assessment Year.
o Browse and Select the XML file
o Upload Digital Signature Certificate.
o Click 'SUBMIT'.
o On successful upload, the Income Tax Form is sent to Assessee's workflow for
o The Assessee should LOGIN to e-Filing application, GO TO Worklist and
accept/reject the Income Tax Form.
o On Approval, the Form is successfully submitted with e-Filing application. No further
action is required. If rejected, the Tax Professional can file the Income Tax Form
again and follow the same process as mentioned above.
1. You can upload the Forms after you have registered in e-Filing.
2. Assessee can "Add CA", using My Account menu, after login
3. To e-File using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), the DSC should be registered in the  application. (To register DSC, you should LOGIN and GO TO → Profile Settings → Register  Digital Signature Certificate)
4. The Form will be further processed and the Assessee will be notified  accordingly. Please check your emails on these notifications.

18. How can I Add/Change a Chartered Accountant in my profile?

Answer: LOGIN to e-Filing application and GO TO 'My Account' → 'Add CA'. Enter the  Membership Number of the CA, Form Name and Assessment Year. The Chartered  Accountant must be registered with e-Filing application.

19. How can I reject an Income Tax form filed by a Chartered Accountant on my behalf?

Answer: LOGIN using your credentials and GO TO Work-list. Select the Income Tax Form you wish to reject, provide comments and click on the Reject button.

20. While trying to e-File Income Tax Return using Digital Signature Certificate, the 'Select your  .pfx file' or 'Select with your USB Token' buttons are not displayed or are not clickable.

Answer: This occurs due to the following reasons:
1. Check if Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or above is installed in your PC. If it is not installed,  click here to download.
2. If Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or above is installed in your PC and still you are unable to  register DSC to e-Filing application, this is because the Java is disabled. GO TO Internet Options → Advanced → Settings. Enable the check-box for 'Java'.

21. I am an authorized signatory (principal contact) and while uploading the Income Tax Return I  get an error saying "PAN mentioned on Personal Information is invalid". I am entering the  PAN of my Company/Firm/AOP/BOI/Artificial Juridical Person, HUF/ Co-operative Society/  Legal Authority/Trust. Why am I still getting the error?

Answer: Everyone other than Individual must enter the PAN of the principal contact  (authorized signatory) in the Verification section of the Income Tax Return. If the Income Tax  Return is being digitally signed, the PAN encrypted in the DSC must match with the PAN  mentioned in the verification section.

22. I am assigned as a Legal Heir for a deceased person. While uploading the Income Tax
Return of the deceased, I am getting an error "PAN mentioned on Personal Information is  invalid". What do I do?

Answer: Please ensure that the PAN entered in the Verification section of the Income Tax Return is your (Legal heir) PAN and not of the deceased person. Also, if the Income Tax  Return is being digitally signed, the PAN encrypted in the DSC must match with the PAN  mentioned in the verification section.

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