e-TDS : - Filing of Quarterly Statements / Returns of TDS

Every person responsible for deduction/ collection of tax should file quarterly statements of tax deducted/ collected at source. Filing of TDS quarterly statements in electronic form is mandatory where,
  • 1) The deductor is an office of the Government,
  • 2) Principal officer of a company,
  • 3) A Person who is required to get his accounts audited u/s.44AB in the immediately preceding year,
  • 4) The number of records of deductees is 20 or more in a statement for any quarter. 

The deductor at the time of preparing of statements of tax deducted shall
  • Quote his Tax deduction Account Number (TAN) in the statement
  • Quote his PAN in the statement (not applicable for Government Deductors)
  • Quote PAN of all deductees
  • Furnish particulars of tax paid to the Central Government including Book Identification Number (BIN) or Challan Identification Number (CIN) as the case may be.
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