Income Tax :- Forget e-filing Income Tax Return Password

Friends,  It is difficult to remember password of every thing.   Password for filing of income tax return is required once in a year when we are going to filing our Income Tax Return.  In case you have not stored your password at proper place or not remember, then it is not easy to submit Income Tax Return.   Income Tax Department has provided some  links to recover password which are given below :-
  1. Answer of your Secret Question
  2. Digital Signature. 
  3. Acknowledgement Number of your earlier income tax return filed alongwith your registered Bank Account Number. 
Picture view of screen which are helpful to recover your password. 
Picture -1

Picture -2

Picture -3

Note :
If you are not able to recover your password with any of the three solutions given above, then there is only one another alternate to reset your password.  Email to with the following details 
  • PAN
  • PAN holder's Name
  • Date of Birth / Date of Incorporation
  • Father's Name
  • Registered PAN address
On successful validation, the password will be sent to your Registered Email.

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