Income Tax :- Solution of Notice of Defective Return under section 139(9)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 | comments

Friends, Income Tax Department has sent notices to their assessee's regarding defective returns under section 139(9) and also given an opportunity to rectify their return.   To rectify these defective returns a link has been provided in the name of "e-file in Response to Notice u/s 139(9)" under e-File link at 

Requirements for submit Response of Notice u/s 139(9)
  • User id and Password of income tax e-filing website.
  • Notice issued by Income Tax Department for Defective Return u/s 139(9)
  • ITR-V of Original Return for getting Acknowledgement Number.
  • Master file of Original Return or ITR/FORM can be downloaded from   "My Returns/ Form" under "My Account"
Important Setting required for generating XML 
  • The following screen shows the accurate result in Excel File for generating XML file. 

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