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Sunday, March 15, 2015 | comments

There is confusion for deductor what can he do with or without digital signature for online correction for the period 2013-14 onwards or prior to 2013-14.  The below picture clear everything for deductor.  Some corrections like Modify /Add Deductee Rows and Delete / Add Salary Deductee rows can be done only for the period 2013-14 onwards with Digital Signature. Means Prior to 2013-14  the same can not be done with digital signature. 

Deductors are requested to check below screen before taking any action for TDS return online correction which will be helpful for him  

Type of Correction Online  Online  Online  Online 
Year 2013-14 onwards Prior to 2013-14 2013-14 onwards Prior to 2013-14
Digital Siganture Yes Yes No No
Default Summary View Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personal Information Yes Yes No No
Challan Correction (unmatached,matched) +deductee movement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pan Correction (Annex. 1) Yes No No No
Pan Correction (Annex. 2) Yes No No No
Add Challan to statement  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interest , Levy Payment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Modify /Add deductee rows Yes No No No
Delete / Add Salary deductee rows Yes No No No
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