Haryana प्रगति के पद पर :- Haryana allows non-transport vehicle registry at dealer point

Friends,   Haryana Government has also started hassle  free Non-Transport Vehicle registration.   This scheme has been started since 2014 but dealer avoid to help the buyer.   They do not convey this facility to purchaser.   As I have just availed this facility through dealer I want to share with you in detail so that everyone can avail such excellent facility in Haryana.     Knowledge of working of this system is detailed below in the interest of buyer :-

Under this new system, new non-transport vehicles will not be required to present before the registering authority or any other authority for verification or passing before their registration

The Haryana government has introduced a system of dealer-point registration of non-transport vehicles. Under this new system, new non-transport vehicles will not be required to present before the registering authority or any other authority for verification or passing before their registration.

The system will help in simplifying the procedure for the registration of motor vehicles, saving time of vehicle owners, making the system transparent and reducing workload in the offices of registering authorities.

While informing this here , the Transport Commissioner, Haryana  said that the new non-transport vehicles, sold by any dealer of motor vehicles in Haryana to any resident of Haryana, which are type approved and fully body built and manufactured in the India will not be required to be present before the registering authority or any other Authority for verification or passing before their registration. Such vehicles would be registered on production of a certificate of inspection issued by the dealers of motor vehicles in prescribed form.

Under the new system, the Transport Commissioner, Haryana on request from the dealer and having satisfied, would issue user ID and password to the dealer. At the time of sale of the vehicle, the dealer would have to login to www.haryanatransport.gov.in and fill form no. 20, save it and forward it to the concerned Registering Authority after verifying the residence proof of the purchaser. The dealer will generate hard copy of form no. 20 bearing his stamp and signature and unique number of the application. He would fill certificate of inspection and take pencil print of the vehicle chassis number in the space provided.

She said that the printed copy of form no. 20 and certificate of inspection will be handed over to the owner of the vehicle by the dealer. The owner of the vehicle will submit the application form alongwith all required documents and requisite tax and fee in the office of concerned Registering Authority and the same will be processed by the concerned Registering Authority for the registration of the vehicle as per provisions of Motor Vehicles Act.

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