TDS :- Change of Deductor Category in TDS Return.

Friday, June 17, 2016 | comments

Friends  Commonly, there is no need to Change Category in TDS return.   Generally it creates problem when return filer has uploaded State Govt. or Central Govt. instead of  Non-Govt. deductor or vice-versa.    There is different Category of deductors used in TDS return with their Value.  Detailed category are given below :-

Category (deductor/collector) description   Value for Category in database / FVU
Central Government A
State Government S
Statutory body (Central Govt.) D
Statutory body (State Govt.) E
Autonomous body (Central Govt.) G
Autonomous body (State Govt.) H
Local Authority (Central Govt.) L
Local Authority (State Govt.) N
Company K
Branch / Division of Company M
Association of Person (AOP) P
Association of Person (Trust) T
Artificial Juridical Person J
Body of Individuals B
Individual/HUF Q
Firm F

1 Deductor category for Govt. deductors can be changed  internally within Central Govt. and State Govt. only (i.e., "A" & "S")
2 Deductor category for Non. Govt. deductors (i.e., excluding Central Govt. and State Govt.) can be changed internally only  ( i.e., "D", "E", "G", "H", "L", "N", "K", "M", "P", "T", "J", "B", "Q" & "F"  )
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