Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Utility of State Bank of India

State Bank of India Free Utility
An Utility of State Bank of India is available now. It is totally free up to a limited period. With the help of this utility everyone can prepare salary.txt file for State Bank of India which can be easily uploaded in bank software. Salary.txt file is a file which can be credited of bank accounts of Salary Persons/Loan holders in a group

Requirement of Software

You have an organization in which 50 employees (Means in bulk) are woking and you are paying salary to them through Bank specially State Bank of India. In that case state bank of India requires Data on floppy/Cd/PenDrive. Everyone can not prepare the required file without any software help. This Software solves this problem.

The procedure of installation and running this software is given as under:-

Install sbi_upload.exe in c:\ drive. A shortcut to SBI will be appeared on you desktop.
Click this ICON , A white screen will be seen with some instructions.
Read all Instruction on it. Mainly, if you feel characters are small you can enlarge your screen with pressing Alt+Enter.
Data.dbf file already available in this package as a sample. You can edit/add your data in it.
If you want to delete any data , Simply place zero in amount column. It will be automatically delete in salary.txt file.
Now hard copy of your data can be got printed out. C:\sbi\output\Letter.prt can be opened in M.S. Office and print the same for your/bank record.
(Use and Don't Forget to give your comments for it's further Improvement)
Software (updated on 25th Mach,2009)
(Free upto a Limited Period)
Updation Detail:-
Updated on 25.03.2009
1) Now soft and hard detail in output folder both are indexed on Bank Account Numbers
2) Now , When you have salary.txt file and you want to create data.dbf file from salary.txt. It is now Part of Programme. You can get it with in seconds.

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