Monday, December 1, 2008

Bank Statement from State Bank of India

It is known by everyone that the bank requires data in cd/floopy/pen drive for easy entry in their computers. Means if we supply data in the format required by bank. Bank upload the same data with in minutes. It does not matter that how much entries are available in it.
In the same pattern, Bank can also supply coustomer's bank account statement in the specified format. If we call our account statement today , bank can supply it in the next morning (means tommarrow). This function is available under report link in Banking Software ie. Initiate by Host Request.
As we receive it , It can be opened in Wordpad only. Procedure for opening it as under:-
Unzip the statment received by bank and select it through mouse , right click and choose option open with and open it in wordpad. Each and every entry with Banking Branch Code will be available. You can check which branch has Debited/Credited your account.

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