Thursday, February 4, 2010

e-Payments of Income Tax/TDS/Frienge Benefit Tax/Banke Cash Transcation Tax

e-Payment of Indian Income Tax/TDS/FBT/BCTT
To avoid in standing in rows, Accuracy,Time Saving, At Any time (before and after banking timing) and other lot of benefits in making epayment.
Before making any epayments we should have Correct Pan Number/Tax Deduction Account Number and figures of Taxes in our hand. Now open e-payment Link. There are lot of Banks available in link. Ensure that you have already taken Bank Transcation Right or not. . If not , You should have to take Bank Transaction right from your bank. Only after that you can make e-payment of taxes.
After taking bank transaction right now read all instructions available in above link and then click on Please click here button available in above link.
A new Screen will be opened for payment of Challan NO. /ITNS 281, Challan No. /ITNS 280, Challan No. /ITNS 282, Challan No. /ITNS 283.
Brief Detail of above challan is as under:
1. Challan Number 281 = All TDS/TCS amount of Company Cases for Non Company Cases will be depsoited through this link.
2. Challan Number 280 =Self Assessment tax, Advance Tax and others of Individual/Huf/ Firms /Company/Trust and others will be deposited through this link
3. Challan Number 282 =Payment of security transcation tax, hotel receipts tax, estate duty , Interest Tax, Wealth Tax, Expenditure Tax/Other Direct Taxes and Gift Tax will be deposited through this Challan.
4. Challan Number 283 = Advance and Assessment Tax of Fringe Benefits Tax and Banking Cash Transaction Tax will be deposited through this link
On selection of above challan , Pan number or Tax Number will be asked from you. Keep in mind that all fields marked * (Star) is mandatory in the forms. Unmark * fields may be blank.
Now place your Pan/Tan Number in the form and fill form as per your requriement then press proceed button. On sucessful filling of your form , you will get next screen for confirmation of your Pan/ Tan Number. If your name of Pan/Tan is correct in form and press next button and place banking user id , password and Banking Transcation Tax Code. Number.
Note:- User id and Banking Transaction tax id are totally different.
I hope that Now you will be quite clear regarding epayment procedure of income tax etc.

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