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LPT1 to Usb Port Printer Setting

(Redirect LPT printing to USB Printer)

Solution of LPT1 printing in USB Printers are freely available here. It is needless to say that it is very serious problem when we have a dos base programme and USB printer. Normally all DOS (Disk Operating System) base programmes send printing to LPT1. If we have dos printer then there is no problem. But when we have Ink Jet or Laser Printer, they connect to CPU on USB Port. Now our printing is lying in LPT1 and printer is attached with USB. In this case we should have following requirements:-

1) Lan card installed on your computer.
2) Your USB printer means Ink Jet or Laser should be shared with lan.

Procedure of Checking of status of Lan Card in your computer is below
My computer->right click->Property->Hardware->Device Manager-> Network adapters

As we see that Network adapters is available in above picture and without red marked . It shows that network hardware is available on your computer. If not available it means you have to attached network lan card in your computer.

Now go on Start>control panel> network Connections> right click on Local Area Connection>property->Click on Internet Protocol[TCP/IP]->property->Use the Following IP Address->Place ip address and Subnet Mask:

(as shown in picture )

Then apply and ok.

You can check your network connection through below link also
Goto ->Start>Run> ping -t
Type above and press enter , Note:- Small letters are mandatory in above . If you found that it is working as per picture shown in below . Then your network connection is ok.

Now check your usb printer whether it is shared or not. and it not please get it shared and remember its share name of printer of shared printer. As shown in below picture.

i.e. sharename =print

Now we will see the use of net use command in dos mode.
Type in start>run>cmd>net use lpt1 \\\print
Check your command is ok or not. For checking the command. Do as below.

Type in start>run>cmd>net use
In case correct installation , sucessfully installed option will be displayed.
Now enjoy all LPT1 printing will be transfered to USB or Com based Printer.
If you want to use LPT1 again , you have to delete above setting for deletion of net use setting you have to type as below

Type in start>run>cmd>net use lpt1 /delete

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