Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Latest Updation in Haryana 6th Pay Scale Salary/Arrear Calculator

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After getting lot of emails from new recuits , it has been found that there was major requirement of the employees who have been appointed on or after 1st Jan. 2006. Earlier there was provision to valuate salary/arrear of Haryana 6th pay scale only for the employees who has been appointed before 01.01.2006. But now a employee who has been appointed after 01.01.2006 can also calculate their arrear/salary with this calculator. There is no doubt that the all efforts on this calculator depends upon your support.
Feel free to write at any query regarding this calculator. I will provide best of my knowledge to all
(Note:- Becare ful while filling white cell in calculator w.e.f. field is very much important )

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