Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Amendments in Haryana 6th Pay Scale Calculator

It is very much clear that Haryana Government has not still notified 6th Pay Scale Notification till date. We are trying to serve calculations through calculator on the basis of News only. The Latest announcement is that HRA will be given on the Central Basis instead of Double of Present availing HRA. Secondly Education Allowance will also be given to their employees for Two Childerns studing upto 12th Class. New features are as under:-

  • ACP feature has been added in the new Calculator.
  • H.R.A. for the pay as on 1.1.2009 has been added @ 10% pf basic.
  • Education Allowance for two children is also added in it.
  • Monthwise running balance of Arrear calcualtion is available now.

Procedure of Running of Calculator:

  • Simply download zip file and store the file at your desktop.
  • This is excel based calculator.
  • You have to fill only white cells.
  • Select your old pay scale as on 1.1.2006.
  • Enter your your basic pay as on 1.1.2006.
  • Your Grade Pay and Revised pay band in New Scale will automaticaly captured.
  • Now enter your numbers of children studing upto 12th Class. Zero(0) stands for "No Child studying upto 12th Class,One (1) stand for one child and Two(2) stand for two Children.
  • Enter your month of increment. i.e. 1 for jan, 2 for feb. and 3 for March. etc.
  • Now Select your accomodation detail , whether provided by Govt. or Not. if not then select "No"
  • Your arrear amount upto 31.12.2008 and pay as on 1.1.2009 is ready.
  • If you have availed any ACP benefit during the period 1.1.2006 to 31.12.2008 , you can also enter your detail in it.
  • Be careful in ACP detail , All detail depends upton option available in "Select Month" , if you do not select Select Month , your Calculation of ACP will not be effected.

Sucess of this Calculator depends upon your feedback/Comments

Your suggestions are always welcomed at .

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