Monday, March 23, 2009

Earning from Internet


I have just received some money through internet, If you are interested in to get earning from internet, you can also enjoy it. Site name of the same has already been given on this website i.e. ciao.

Concept of the site is that there are lot of products on which we have to write reviews minimum 120 words . People/ Members read them and give their rating and comments. Each rating and comments give Community points to Both (Read / Writer). Approximate 450 community points generates 1 dollar. In my view it is some time consuming, but fruitful.

Minimum Payout = 5 dollars

Dollars will be transferred in paypal account after 15 days of each month. When dollars comes in paypal account , then it is our choice to transfer in our bank account or not.

I have just got 22 dollars in my account with in a Month. I beleive in ciao.
You can also try.


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