Saturday, March 14, 2009

Election Commission of India (Search Your Voter Number )

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Some States are going to plan for performing Elections in their States. Officials of the Election Commission have required some information for the employees working in Govt./Semi Govt. Departments. In this information there are two such points which are collecting each and every employee from election office. One out of Two is Part Number and Second is Serial Number of Electoral. This information can also be collected through internet. There is Some difficulty to search through internet. I want to explain it in brief. Main website of Election Commission of India is
After entering in this site, you have to press "Links to State CEO's" as circled in Picture

1) Election Commission of India (Main Web Site)
2) State Wise Search (Link for Search)
3) Districts for Haryana State (Link for Search)
4) Assembly Constituncy of Rohtak (Link for Search)
5) Lot of votes have been dismissed/rejected by election office due to non availability of Photo's with them.

In this way you can search your Voter Number and Part Number (Bhag Number)

(Keep In mind while searching there are pdf files on web, When we press on pdf file it goes on next page. )

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