Monday, May 21, 2012

Correct Password to open ITR-V of any Income Tax Return


Yesterday, i have filed my income tax return and faced a problem in opening ITR-V after uploading of ITR form. I mean to say that there is requirement of password to open it. I want to share my problem, so that such type of problem can be removed for everyone.

First time I have placed Password = 06021968 (wrong)
Second time 06-feb-1968(wrong)
Third time 06/02/1968 (wrong)
Fourth time AAOPJ9612A06/12/1968 (wrong)
Fifth time AAOPJ9612A06121968(wrong)
Sixth time AAOPJ9612A06-FEB-1968(wrong)
Seventh time AAOPJ9612A/06021968(wrong)
Eighth time AAOPJ9612A/06-02-1968 (wrong)

I think you can understand my problem. After above efforts then i open my email and got proper way to open the ITR-V. It was case sensetive. Pan Number should be in small letter and date of birth should be in format ddmmyyyy. There is no space in date format. Correct password is as under :-
Correct password was = aaopj9612a06021968

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