Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pan Number Problem of Government Deductor in Etds Returns


Mandatory to mention the PAN of the Deductor. If deductor is not required to have a PAN mention PANNOTREQD (10 digits)

Before 01/10/2009 , there was no need to enter any Pan number in Deductor Detail while making etds return through the Software provided by NSDL, if Deductor Stands for State/Center Government. But after 01/10/2009 , Pan number field is mandatory to all whether deductor relates to Govt. or Not.


I mean to say , when etds return relates to Govt , in the field Pan Number of Deductor , PANNOTREQD can be field and fvu can be generated easily.

Deductor Types:-

  • Central Government
    State Government
    Statutory body (Central Govt.)
    Statutory body (State Govt.)
    Autonomous body (Central Govt.)
    Autonomous body (State Govt.)
    Local Authority (Central Govt.)
    Local Authority (State Govt.)
    Branch / Division of Company
    Association of Person (AOP)
    Association of Person (Trust)
    Artificial Juridical Person
    Body of Individuals

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