Saturday, November 28, 2009

Online Tax Registration Acknowledgement


(user id / password will be provided only to successfully registered deductors)

After online registration of Tan as a deductor, Now Department is sending emails for successful registration or not to those who have registered their tan numbers online. Format of email is given as under:-

Dear _____________

Thank you for registering TAN XXXX99999X of _______________ at the TIN website.

The TAN has been successfully registered on 29th October, 2009. Your registration number is X999999999KB.

Kindly quote this registration number in all future communication with NSDL and/or Income Tax Department.

This acknowledgment number is to be kept securely. In future user id / password will be provided to the deductors who have successfully registered.

Authenticated access (through user ID and password) will be provided to registered deductors after receiving confirmation from Income Tax Department.

On login, the following will be available to the deductors-

i. View of the status of all statements filed;
ii. Download of consolidated quarterly e-TDS / TCS statement for preparation of correction statement;
iii. Other functionalities related to quarterly TDS /TCS statement.

For and on behalf of

Tax Information Network (TIN)

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