Thursday, January 21, 2010

Junk File Problem in etds/etcs return


While preparing the etds/etcs return, i have found a serious problem in submission of etds/etcs return. No doubt free software of etds/etcs is 100% successful. I want to share that there are three or four sheets in rpu (Return Preparation Utility). Some detail of the same is as under :-

1) Form (Deductor Detail)
2) Challan
3) Annexure 1 (Deductee Detail)
4) Annexure 11 (annual data regarding salary in case 24 Q4 only)

The junk file error generates due to our mistake, when we fill above Form (at sr. no. 1) , there is a column of Deductor Name and address fields etc. Special characters like " } " should not be available in the filed of Deductor Name and Address filed. If they are available "Junk file error will be available while uploading the .fvu file.)

Solution for removing "Junk File Error"
Remove only special character from data available in Form Sheet/fvu

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