Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tally (Accounting Package) Feature with New Trick


As everyone know that tally has captured lot of market in accounting. No doubt that this software (tally) is being used by lot of persons but every feature is not known by everyone. Out of thousands features one is as under: -

Did you know that you can create a new company with the same configuration?

****Copy Voucher from One company to Another Company.
When you have tally data of two companies in a computer and you want to transfer some vouchers from one company to another company. You should open both companies at a time. In case, company name of both companies is same , first change/alter one company name. I mean to say Company name should be differ.

Basic Requirement for Voucher Transfer
1. Ledger Name should be same in both companies
2. Both company should be open at a time.

Procedure to open two company at a time .
Load Tally>Select First Company>Press F1>Select Second Company

Open a voucher from First Company and Press F3 to Select Second Company and Save WITH Ctr+A. In this way you have copied voucher from one company to another company.

****To create a new company with the same configuration F11: Features and F12: Configurationsfollow the steps shown:

• Create a Company.
• Set the required F11: Features and F12:Configurations as required
• Keep the company loaded
• Create another company
• The new company created will have the same features and configurations

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