Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to fill Form 16A (TDS Certificate)

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After deducting & depositing TDS , important thing is that deductor should issue Form 16A in time. In case deductor fails to issue form 16a in time, income tax department can impose penalty @ 100/- per day.

To avoid penalty we should issue form 16a in time. Now question is that who can fill form 16A.

Procedure to Download form 16A
  • Enter your name.
  • Enter your email id.
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  • Download will start automatically.

Free Download , just enter your detail and receive Form 16A in Excel Format.

Step by step procedure to Fill form 16A:-
  1. Enter Deductor Name with complete Address along with Pin Number (if you donot know pin Click here to know Postal Index Number (PIN) number )
  2. Fill Deductor Tan Number i.e. CCCM99999E. ( 4 digit in character+5 digit in numeric+1 digit in character)
  3. Fill Deductor Pan Number i.e. AAOPJ9999M. (5 digit in character+4 digit in number+1 digit in character) 4th digit in Pan shows the status of Pan holder. If it is "P" it shows Pan relates to Individual.
  4. Enter 4 acknowledgement No.'s of Return (it is available on your provisional receipt receipt from Tin-Fic center)
  5. Enter Nature of Payment = Payment to contractor, Payment to Professional or Payment to Advertiser etc.
  6. Enter Section codes alongwith Nature of Payment like as 94C, 94J, 94I or 94H etc.
  7. Enter Name of Deductee whom TDS/TCS has been deductee.
  8. Enter Pan Number of Deductee in the column PAN No. OF THE PAYEE
  9. Enter period in the column FOR THE PERIOD. i.e. 01.04.09 to 31.032010 .
  10. Now tds deduction detail will be filled
  • S. No.
  • Amount paid/ credited
  • Date of payment/ credit
  • TDS
  • Surcharge
  • Education Cess
  • Total tax deposited
  • Cheque/DD No. (if any)
  • BSR Code of Bank branch
  • Date on which tax deposited (dd/mm/yy)
  • Transfer voucher/ Challan Identification No.
11. Enter TDS amount in Words .

Finally, Enter Place and Date of Issue and Signature with rubber stamp showing desigation of Personal who is signing the form.

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