Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Know your Income Tax Amount


There are two procedure to deposit Income Tax in your Pan Number (Permanent Account Number) which is given as under:-
  • Income Tax deposit by you (Self Deposit).
  • Income Tax deposit by deductor (TDS)
In the first case their is no problem to confirm the income tax amount deposited by yourself. The bank deposit receipt is in your hand.

But in the case of TDS, you are helpless. It is in the hand of Deductor. I mean to say that deductor deduct income tax in the shape of TDS from your income and deposit the same under his TAN (Tax Deduction Account Number). After that he submit his etds/etcs return mentioning your pan number. If he submit correct pan number in etds/etcs return, amount of income tax credited in your pan otherwise it shows errors to deductor that Pan is not correct etc. Howevere deductor issue form 16A to you for information of deducted tax.

Overall, you are helpless. You have to wait still deductor do not issue form 16A etc. But income tax department has prepared a very good procedure to know your all income tax in your Pan which procedure is given as under :-

  1. Register your Pan yourself. (Click here to register Your Pan).
  2. In form * marked fields are mandatory to fill the form.There is option to select Y or N for calling official to visit you for authorization of your Pan Card, if you choose yes then registration fees is higher than the option selected "No"

For 26 AS Registration Fee

a) TIN-FC will charge Rs.17 (i.e. Rs.15 + service tax) for authorisation of registration request, when PAN holder personally visits the TIN-FC.

b) TIN-FC will charge Rs.110 (i.e. Rs.100 + service tax) for authorisation of registration request in case where PAN holder opts for TIN-FC to visit him.

c) Above charges are also applicable for authorizing Reset Registration.

  • A registration form will be generated after completing information in form. Now you have to attach photocopy of your Pan Card duly signed by you along with the signed registration form. The above mentioned fees will be deposited with Tin-Facilitate Centre. With in two days after registration you are able to check your tax amount with the Income Tax Department.
  • if you are already registered for 26As then you can watch your tax Click Here

In our view to get refund speedily or to avoid any further queries with the Income Tax Department regarding your Income Tax Refund/Return, you should check your Income Tax amount yourself through Form 26AS.

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