Friday, March 26, 2010

Codes relating to e-filling of Income Tax Return


                      As it is already informed that  31 March 2010 is the last date for submission of return relating to Financial Year 2007-2008.   There are some important codes while filing income tax return.  In Income Tax Return, there is column  in return named as "Return filed under Section"  Pl. see Instruction No 9(i).  There are five Choices which is as under :-

1)   11- u/s 139(I)
2)   12- u/s 139(4)
3)   13- u/s 142(1)
4)   14- u/s 148
5)   15- u/s 153(A)

for serial number 1 ,  it is used for when return is submitted in time means Voluntarily  submit on or before the due date. 

for serial number 2,  it is used  when return is submitted after the due date means voluntarily submit after the due time without having any notice from Department of Income Tax.

for serial number 3 and 4 is used for  when an assesses submit his return after getting notice from Income Tax Department 

for serial number 5 is used for returns relates to search cases.

Overall , if  we submit  our individual return relating to F.Y. 2007-08 on 25 March 2010, we will have to select return filed under section code    12- u/s 139(4) otherwise xml file will not be uploaded. 

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