Thursday, March 11, 2010

Delhi Metro Map

When  you are are planning to a trip to the Indian Capital (Delhi)  or in the near future and you have no idea regarding  transportation system of Delhi.   It is every easy to understand the ways and stops of Metro Trains through the help of Internet.  
All the Delhi Metro  trains and railway station road map are now available on Google Maps.
Delhi Metro Rail on Google Maps

You just have to key-in your current location (where you are starting from) and the end address (where you are going to) and Google Maps will instantly give you the required information such as which Metro should you take and the train’s schedule.
If there’re no Metro stations at your starting address, Google Maps will automatically suggest you a path and the best mode of transportation for you to quickly reach the nearest Metro station.
Not only maps of Delhi, but also Hotel,  ATM's and other important places  are also watched from this map.  In map  press following keys :
in any place at map, right click
What is here
Search nearby
enter some word of the place where you want to know the places

In addition to Delhi DMRC, Google Maps also includes transit details for Kolkata Metro, Chennai MRTS and Hyderabad MMTS. 
Click here to search Delhi Metro Map

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