Monday, March 15, 2010

Last Date for Advance Tax


Last Date for payment of Advance Income Tax for companies or non-companies is 15th March 2010. It is final date for payment of Income Tax for the Financial Year 2009-10 or Assessment Year 2010-11. . You can calculate advance tax with the help of on line income tax calculator ( Excel Based) . This calculator calculates your income tax and advance income tax with in a minute. You can also adjust your last paid advance tax in it and find out your due advance tax payable on 15-Mar-2010. In case of individual if your income estimates tax comes to less then Rs.10,000/- , then there is no need to deposit advance tax.


Rates of Advance Tax (Click Here)
Calculate your  income tax yourself  (Click here).
Challan No. :- 280   (Click Here
Pay Online Tax (basic requirement internet banking account having transaction right) (Click Here)

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