Sunday, March 28, 2010

Non Receipt of tds/tcs certificate Form 16 or 16A


              In case when you do not receive TDS certificate form 16 or 16A from your employer/deductor.  Keep in mind that it is not your duty of collect form 16 or 16A certificate from you employer/deductor.  It is mandatory duty of  Tax Deductor to issue tax deduction certificate Form 16 or 16A in due time prescribed by income tax department . 

To know time limit for issuing certificate (click here)

Deducted Tax Not Deposited
                There are lot of chances  that the deductor has not deposited tax  to Government Account when we are demanding certificate again and again  and deductor is not issuing certificate. In that case we should  inform PRO or TDS section of income tax department. 
         Secondly, we can take help of  form 26AS, to know that tax has been deposited by  deductor/employer or not. It is really a good function  to know that how much amount has been deposited  in your pan number by any deductor in a financial year.  

Click here to know more  regarding form 26AS or Registration.

Claim of Tax without having TDS Certificate
                                     We can submit return without having  TDS/TCS certificate  16 or 16A mentioning complete detail in return i.e.  TAN Number, TDS amount etc.  If you do not your detail  you can take help of Form 26AS as detailed given above.

Form 16 or 16A from Fvu File
                                       Demo copy for creation of form 16 or 16A form fvu (File Validity Utility)  with in minutes is linked here. Click Here.


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