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Avail Double Benefit of Basic Income Tax Exemption i.e. Rs.1,60,000/- etc


                    As you know that  we can take double benefit of  Income Tax Basic Exemption Limit after creating H.U.F.  Presently this basic exemption limit for male as per Income Tax Act for the Financial Year 2010-11 is Rs. 1,60,000/-.  It means we can avail  benefit of Rs. 3,20,000/- as basic exemption just double of Rs. 1,60,000.00.   One exemption can be availed  as Individual Status and second exemption as H.U.F. 

                       For creating H.U.F.  there is first need of  a written Gift Affidavit  on a stamp paper of Rs. 10/- from  any relative.   After marriage as an individual receive  gift from his relative, H.U.F. creates automatically and eligible to take double benefit of   basic exemption of Rs. 1,60,000/(for man).  After that  Pan Number can be applied  in the name of H.U.F.   Format of H.U.F. Affidavit is given as under:-


            I _______________________(donor)  s/o,w/o ____________________________ aged ___ years old, Hindu by caste, resident of ________________________________________ do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-

  1.  That i have given a sum of Rs. ______________(Rupees_____________________) by way of Cash or Cheque Number __________ dated __________  drawn on ____________(bank name) as gift to M/S . _____________  H.U.F. out of my natural love and affection towards them.
  2. That the said H.U.F. _______________H.U.F. consists of _________________ Karta, his wife Mrs.________________, constituting as Hindu Undivided Family. 
  3. That the said gift of Rs. _____________(Rupees_______________) is given to the said Joint Hindu Family as a whole for full enjoyment and possession by the family exclusively and not to individually anyone. 
  4. That Sh. _________________ being Karta of the said Joint Hindu Family for and on behalf of the H.U.F. (Sh. ________________) have accepted the said gift of Rs. ___________.
  5. That the said Joint Hindu Family shall be exclusive owner of the said sum after __________ and will be enjoyed, used and possessed by it to the exclusion of all whatsoever.  I and my heir, successors, administrators shall have no rights, titles and claim on the said sum after ____________. 
  6. That the said sum is paid out of my withdrawal from ________________. 
  7. That I am Income Tax Assessee having business/salary/other  income  with Income Tax Offier, ward- __, _________ vide Permanent Account Number :-______________.

Date  :-                                                                                            Deponent 
Place :-

            I (________________) being Karta of M/S ____________________ H.U.F. hereby accept the aforesaid gift of Rs. ___________ by cash or cheque, with thanks and acknowledge the same.

Date  :-                                                                                             Donee
Place :-                                                                                             (Karta of H.U.F.)

Witness with complete Address:-
1.  _________________________________

2.  _________________________________

Use of Affidavit =  Basic requirement while opening bank account in the name of HUF.
Gift Deed Format (Click Here)
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