Thursday, April 1, 2010

Free form 16 or 16A from F.V.U. (File validity Utility)

Free form 16A or 16

                 TDS (Tax deducted at source) form 16 or 16a will be provided free via email.   Software engineer is agreed to provide form 16 or 16A to any first 5 email senders.

1)  Who can avail this facility .
                  It is lottery based system. that  emails received with complete data will eligible for creating form 16 or 16A.  Only first 5 email senders out of all, will be selected.

2)  Period for receiving  emails:-
                 One day  in April 2010, date will be declared  on

3)  Timing for receiving emails:-
                 On the basis of GMT +5.30,  24 hours of a selected date.

4)  Email Address on which email will be sent:

5)  What is required in emails.
                 a)  4(four)  fvu  original files of the financial year 2009-10.
                 b)  Acknowledgement Numbers (Available in provisional receipts issued by Nodal Centers).
                 c)  Owner name or  Authorised Name (for issuing  form 16 or 16a)
                 d)  Date of Issue for issuing form 16 or 16A

6)  In case any discrepancy in data,
                 You will not be able to collect form 16 or 16A.

7) Delivery time for issuing forms.
                  With in 5 days, after receipt of emails.

8) Is there any limit of forms in  fvu file or not ?
                  No, unlimited  forms , there is no limit of forms 16 or 16a.

9) Form 16 or 16A for corrected statement.
                 Only forms will be generated on the basis of original fvu's. Corrections  will be made by deductor himself in  M.S. Word file.

Demo of  form 16 or 16A Creator. (Click Here)

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