Friday, April 23, 2010

Income Tax Credit Statement

                  Income Tax Credit Statement (in the shape of form 26AS) helps us to 

1) Verify TDS credits and tay payments
2) Prepare Income Tax Returns
3) Speedy Tax Refunds. 

               With the help of form 26AS , we can know income tax amount available in our Pan  either deposit through TDS or Self Deposit by us.  If there is any discrepancy in our income tax amount via  From 26AS,  we can correct errors before submit  Income Tax Return. 

               It is highly recommended that Income Tax Amount through Form 26As should be checked  before submit Income Tax Return. 

To register form 26AS  and to know more regarding form 26AS   Click Here. 

On line Income Tax Calculator and ITR's forms for Financial Year 2009-10 (Assessment Year 2010-11)

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